Cooking for Solutions

Gala Wine glasses Chef Sam Talbot Wine Raspberry chocolate tarts
Monterey Bay Calamari with Pigs Ears and Pickled Peppers presented by Chef Jeremy Tummel Chef Tataki Cooked clams Padron peppers served alongside Mediterranean Spice-Dusted Duck Breast Gala

May 16–18, 2014
Three Delicious Days
More than 90 Chefs
70 Wineries and Breweries
Old Favorites and New Events
A Sensational Celebration
A Sustainable Feast
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  • John Ash
    John Ash
  • Sean Knight
    Sean Knight
  • Alton Brown
    Alton Brown
  • Carla Hall
    Carla Hall
  • Hugh Acheson
    Hugh Acheson
  • Lindsay Autry
    Lindsay Autry
  • Jeremy Bearman
    Jeremy Bearman
  • Richard Blais
    Richard Blais
  • Sam Choy
    Sam Choy
  • Jesse Cool
    Jesse Ziff Cool
  • Jose Garces
    Jose Garces
  • Sara Jenkins
    Sara Jenkins
  • Michael Leviton
    Michael Leviton
  • Nathan Lyon
    Nathan Lyon
  • Jamie Malone
    Jamie Malone
  • Charles Phan
    Charles Phan
  • Yigit Pura
    Yigit Pura
  • Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers
  • Nico Romo
    Nico Romo
  • Johnathon Sawyer
    Jonathon Sawyer
  • Art Smith
    Art Smith
  • Sam Talbot
    Sam Talbot
  • Alexander Weiss
    Alexander Weiss
  • Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
    Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
  • Virginia Willis
    Virginia Willis
  • Danny Abbruzzese
    Danny Abbruzzese
  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker
  • Matt Bolton
    Matt Bolton
  • Dory Ford
    Dory Ford
  • Yousef Ghalaini
    Yousef Ghalaini
  • Jason Giles
    Jason Giles
  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson
  • Jerry Regester
    Jerry Regester
  • Briana Sammut & Guillaume D’Angio
    Briana Sammut & Guillaume D’Angio
  • Cal Stamenov
    Cal Stamenov
  • Mo Tabib
    Mo Tabib
  • Terry Teplitzky
    Terry Teplitzky
  • James Waller
    James Waller
  • Tim Wood
    Tim Wood
  • Kenny Belov
    Kenny Belov
  • Wendy Brodie
    Wendy Brodie
  • Clover Stornetta Chef Challenge
    Clover Stornetta Chef Challenge
  • Todd Fisher
    Todd Fisher
  • Chad Hendrickson
    Chad Hendrickson
  • Claire Hulstrom
    Claire Hulstrom
  • Sarah LaCasse
    Sarah LaCasse
  • Kin Lui
    Kin Lui
  • Angela Gong Salvatore
    Angela Gong Salvatore
  • Kristina Scrivani & Linda Hanger
    Kristina Scrivani & Linda Hanger
  • Ben Spungin
    Ben Spungin
  • Justin Wangler
    Justin Wangler
  • Terri Wu
    Terri Wu